75. Excel Tips - Helpful Hints On The StatusBar

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There is a way to get some simple information quickly and without having to write formulae :

  • Use the statusbar (the thing at the bottom)

Here's a screen shot of our data in Excel:


Note, that when you select multiple cells, you can get following information about your selection on the statusbar:

  1. Average
  2. A count of the number of populated cells
  3. A count of the number of numeric cells
  4. Min
  5. Max
  6. Sum

If you don't see these calculations automatically, right click and customise the statusbar.

It even works well with Autofilter on..

Download sheet to practise how to use Helpful Hints On The StatusBar in Excel

Training Video on how to use Helpful Hints On The StatusBar in Excel:

helpful-hints-on-the-statusbar.xls24 KB

One Option is Showing at a Time In Office 2003


Only one option(either Sum or Count) is showing at a time.


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old Excel version

y.. I am using 2007 for all my videos.