70. Excel Tips - Freeze Panes

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Do you have a large amount of data that goes off the bottom of the screen ?

  • If you do, and you want to keep the headings in view, then this tip is for you

Here's a screen shot of our data in Excel:


Here's how to keep the headings in view

  1. Select the leftmost cell in the row below the heading
    • in this case: A8
  2. Press in sequence:
    • ALT the w then f then f  (Excel 2007)
    • Window => freeze panes  (Excel 2003)

You will now be able to scroll down as far as you want without losing your headings:


Download sheet to practise how to Freeze Panes in Excel

Training Video on how to Freeze Panes in Excel:

freeze-panes.xls22 KB