18-May-2009 Launching Excel Experts Question and Answer Forum

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ExcelExperts.com is pleased to formally launch the Excel Experts Question and Answer Forum


Why should you use this forum ?

  • Find out everything you wanted to know about Excel / VBA.
  • Get solutions to your Excel / VBA problems
  • Get general design advice

What is so good about this forum ?

  • There's a wide variety of media you can use to submit your question.
  • You can add:
    • screen shots
    • Excel files
    • Video (If you have a YouTube account)

Who can use this forum ?

When can I expect a reply ?

  • It depends on how good your question is, and on the availability of an Expert volunteer.
  • A good question will be as specific, and brief as possible, and will include:
    1. What your source data looks like
    2. An example of what you want to achieve
  • When posting a question, frame your question like this:
    • "I have X, and I want Y, how do I do it?"
  • Any question that takes more than 10 minutes to answer will be referred to consultancy services also offered by ExcelExperts.com

How do I get to the Question and Answer Forum ?

How much does it cost ?

  • Absolutely nothing... A Credit-Crunch-Busting ZERO pounds, dollars or even Euros.

What should you do next ?

  • Tell everyone you know who uses Excel
  • Tell their mums, their mum's friends, their mum's friends tennis partners... and their dogs.




Training Video on how to use Excel Experts Question and Answer Forum