Copy a range of cells from worksheet in workbook a to worksheet in workbook b

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I have worksheet (part a) in workbook(quote) with 30 rows of data which change with macro execution. I need to copy a range on worksheet (bom-part M) in workbook(master) to last row on worksheet (part a) in workbook(quote) when a Cell value in Q17 to Q40 of worksheet (part a) in workbook(quote) is the name of a worksheet in workbook(master).  The variable values in cells Q17 to Q40 may contain one to five names of different worksheet names in workbook(master) from which I need to copy the range  of each from onto worksheet (part a).

Example: Q23 of worksheet (part a) in workbook(quote) = to "bom-part M", a sheet name in workbook(master), I want to copy range A16:L40 of worksheet (bom-part M)  to last row of worksheet (part a) in workbook(quote). Then

repeat for next matching value, say in Q29 in worksheet (part a) in workbook(quote) = to "bom-part Z", another sheet  in workbook(master), I want to copy range A16:L40 of worksheet (bom-part Z) to last row of worksheet (part a) in workbook(quote). Then repeat till no more cells meet matching value.

Would this be a macro, a script or can a formula in worksheet (part a) accomplish this?

Thanks Bill

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copy cells from one workbook to another


Hi Bill

There are 2 aspects to your question...

  1. Copying data from one place to another.
  2. Finding the next free cell.

I have a few articles for you to read:




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Thanks for reply, but let me refine my question

Hi Nick,


I reviewed your links, and the "last cell" I plan to incorporate in script. Here is my stumbling point: When the value changes in cells Q17 to Q40 and if they contain a worksheet name in workbook(master) that needs to be copied, is there a formula to 1) modify worksheet name in the script, then 2) run the modified macro script to perform the copy function?

Hope this clarifies, and I look forward to your reply.



pick up worksheet name

if you have a worksheet name in a cell, and you want to select that worksheet (for example)

so if Range("Q17") = "ABC"
sheet "ABC" will be selected

To rename a worksheet:
Worksheets("A").name = "B"
- renames worksheet A to B.. (provided B does not exist already)

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worksheet name

What if the worksheet is in a different workbook?



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worksheets in different workbook