Chart Event (Double Click on Chart)

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The example file attached shows how to create events for charts. Here, I have created double click event for charts. The chart which is double-clicked is exported to PowerPoint. Download the example file and have a look for yourself. See the code in Thisworkbook and mod_PPT module. 


Chart Event
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What if the chart is created after the workbook is open?

Hello and thanx for your post. It helped me alot.
But how do I do it if I create the chart after the workbook is opened?
In your example you set Cht1 = Sheet1Chart.... .Chart in the Workbook_Open Sub.

How do i do it in a module sub?

'Code to create chart
'Code to attach this chart to a event?

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Refer to this

Refer to this url

You need to uses classes.

Or, run a code that assigns the macro to a chart/shape.

I did like this and it

I did like this and it assigns the proper Macro to the shape on the chart.
But what do I need to do with the chart/shape to activate it?

Sub addtmpchart()
Dim GCShape As shape
Dim GCChart As Chart
Dim name As String

Set GCChart = ActiveSheet.ChartObjects(1).Chart
name =
name = Right(name, 7)

Set GCShape = ActiveSheet.Shapes(name)
GCShape.OnAction = "'" & & "'!popMsgBox"
End Sub

Sub popMsgBox()
End Sub

If you write the correct name

If you write the correct name of the macro, just click the chart. :)

I tried to assign a macro to

I tried to assign a macro to the chart but cant find out how to do it.

For a shape you can write:
Dim MyShape As Shape
Set MyShape = ActiveSheet.Shapes.AddShape(msoShapeRectangle, 10, 10, 10, 10)
MyShape.Onaction = "'" & & "'!macro_name"

But the Chart object does not have the function named "OnAction". How do i do it?
Or can I refer to a shape inside the Chart somehow? (Dont now if charts consists of shapes)

Or do I need to use classes?
Thank you.