Changing Data in Image (Its Different). No VBA coding

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This can be a unique way of displaying dynamic data in an image without actually playing with the image. Only change the data and the image would reflect the changes including the formatting changes in the cells. Download the attachment and see the steps required.

Dynamic Image

ChaningDataInImage.xls16 KB

Nice trick. Can't figure out

Nice trick.

Can't figure out what you mean in step 2. When pasting after PrintScreen all screen info is displayed.
Is this the same as:
1. Select A1 to C4 and press Copy.
2. Go to destination cell and press Shift-Edit and Paste picture link.


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More Clear

Can you more clear for paste picture link

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More Clear

Many thanks i knew now but i would like to put snapshot for more clarification.
But i don't know to upload files can you inform me please.