Filter Workaround (Simulating Filter)

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 Sort the data and try this tip after downloading the attachment. Follow the instructions in the attachment file

Filter Workaround

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Some of your Blogs are really good

Before becoming a member of EE I was just going through the recent blogs on this site for the last two days. I found that 5-6 of the recent blogs are from you only. Most of them are really useful. I used them in my office work and shown them to my office colleagues as well. They found them really good and quick fixes to some of our office excel problems. The one that we found least interesting was related to message boxes (may be good for some new comers in excel community). I want to see some code on access database connection with excel. Or suggest me some sources where I can find these in good shape all in one place. One interesting thing in the current blog I found is the way you calculated the starting and end row and then copied the values from source to target (its new to me; any reason why you used this unique way). I also liked the way you have written the code - indentation, the way you declared variables (very neatly written).

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Access Connectivity

Dear Monika...As requested here is the code to import Access table data into Excel. Check this url:

will be uploading more on database soon. Do let me know if you want anything else.

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 Thanks. I discovered this technique of finding the starting and end row by using match function in my office as I find the excel find method unsuitable for this. For copying values I generally try to avoid copy-paste as it causes screen flicker. Not just this, there are many more useful blogs from others on this site.

Start and End Row


It's really good but the data needs to be pre-sorted on Field1 for the thing to work.


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Yes thats right

 Data sorting is required

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Is it possible to extract

Is it possible to extract desired data according to Field 2 or 3 or any other field?