89. Excel Tips - Multiply Formulas By 100

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Most people know that you can multiply numbers by 100 using paste special, but not many people know that you can use the same methodology to multiply (or divide) formulas by 100 (or any number) as well

Here's what we have: number2 =  number1 +3


And here's what we want:  number2 =  (number1 +3)*100



  1. Type 100 in a blank cell
  2. Copy the cell
  3. Select the formulas you want to multiply by 100
  4. Right click => Paste special => multiply
  5. Remove the 100 from the cell

Note: similar for dividing by 100, or adding / subtracting 100, or any number or return from a function.

Download sheet to practise how to Multiply Formulas By 100 in Excel

Training Video on how to Multiply Formulas By 100 in Excel:

multiply-formulas-by-100.xls29 KB

multiply by 100 litres of water ...

What would my formula in the excel bar look like if I want to determine the following?

1576 tourist bed-nights at a consumption of 100 liters/bed-night

Many Thanks.