Spreadsheet help with multiple worksheets

My spreadsheet has 5 worksheets within it. The first one is where I want all information to end up.

I have the main spreadsheet with item numbers in Column A and price in column B( called furniture contract). I have four other worksheets within this spreadsheet (MF, MZ, 5G, MX). Each worksheet has item numbers (excess of 4000+)in Column A and a sell price in Column C.
On the furniture contract - 1st sheet - In column C, I need the price from MF worksheet if that item number is in that worksheet. Then column D I need the price from MZ worksheet if that item number is in that worksheet, Column E I need price from 5G........etc, etc).

I am stumped as I don't know what to say I am looking for - I thought vlookup was my answer but it has restrictions on the number of characters it can search so please help.

Thank you in advance.