Movie Star Party

There have been instances where movies from Hollywood and down south were remade or the idea was recaptured in the Indian movies and some did well in the box office while others failed miserably. The directors and producers were at a loss for explaining these phenomena.? Experimenting:? Although some stories and ideas have worked, there were many Indian movies with the same ideas which failed miserably. In such a scenario, it is always difficult for the movie makers to come out with a movie recipe which will work with guarantee.

People have accepted many things in the movies these days and the movie makers are trying to put in many things in front of them. ? James Mangold's Walk the Line - A movie tracing the life of 1940's American music legend Johnny Cash. The movie poster is simple yet magnetic and engaging. Drawn in the graphic style of the 40's and the 50's the poster features a back view and profile of Joaquin Phoenix who plays Johnny Cash, with his flaming red guitar against a backdrop of stylized golden flames framed in red and black.

The actor's profile is characteristically attractive and the actor is well suited to the character's brooding, cool, rock star manner. This for me is an example of how great graphic design can set the tone and artistry of the film using poster printing. ? Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds - This poster features a bright red background with a white feather running the entire length of the poster at the center. The feather is not exactly drawn as wispy and delicate although it does not portray an overtly frightening image either.

The film's title is printed horizontally at the base, the text cut by a frayed edge of the feather. The poster for me is pure Hitchcock. It only suggests or hints at the suspense, letting the human psyche complete the horror. Taking a peek into the small beginnings of cinema, through this short movie blog, makes one more appreciative of the origins of what turned out to be one of the most lucrative businesses with the most number of fans.

Among the Indian movies, there have been thousands of films which are released on a yearly basis. Not every one of them goes on to score hits in the box office. Some are high grosser while many others are not even able to recover their investments. But still the movie makers are carrying on unrelentingly producing and making cinema in Bollywood. Actors are roped in by production houses and the directors are brought on board, with hiring of many other technical people and then the movie gets completed.

It will be extremely difficult to point a finger towards a movie that has done well in every aspect of the movie making.? What would movies be without movie posters? Movie posters are great promotional materials and contribute significantly to box office sales. Movie poster prints as large, graphic formats serve as free download tilawatil quran muammar za - the earliest form of teasers and trailers.