Ascension & Leaving The Food Matrix

Eating habits are the most important project on the planet right now. Eating foods that are not healthy for you has first rate negative consequences. These ingredients drain your energy, decrease your mild quotient, keep you in semi-depressed states in spite of all of your enlightenment, and motive diverse ranges of ill health and contamination. Also, diverse sorts of foods incorporate statistics and consciousness states, and whilst you ingest them, you are also eating their statistics, their ideals, and their thought bureaucracy. What you eat connects you to a darkish matrix or a lighted matrix of human beings and awareness. If you eat plenty of candies and awful carbs to consolation you in instances of strain, then you definitely are eating that notion gadget and behavior and consequently this will appeal to into your existence people and locations which have that same phantasm and bad addiction.
It’s a notion that asserts, “I want relief from pressure, and so I must consume this kind of food to make me sense higher, and I don’t care if it's miles horrific for my fitness or if it isn’t the wisest manner to heal my pressure, I simply should do it, and I can't withstand this temptation due to the fact I am yearning this food.”
It also might also say, “I know I am going over my food finances to consume this terrible meals, but I don’t care, I just cannot face up to this temptation and I just ought to have it.”
Now, if you are one of these folks who does no longer even see that these ingredients are awful for you, and also you don’t accept as true with in health foods, then your idea method can be specific and could move something like this, “I simply love this food, it cheers me up, it enables my darkish moods, and I need it due to the fact I sense down and bored and overly challenged in life right now.”
Take it to the next decrease degree, however, and you don’t even understand why you are ingesting the ones ingredients, you just like the flavor and suppose why not consume it. You suppose those those who speak about health and meals picks are all simply nut instances and also you just forget about all of that.
Me, I’ve been at the level of knowing what ingredients are awful for me and all of the proper motives why I shouldn’t devour those meals. However, I actually have no longer been absolutely up in this, as there are conflicting opinions about what ingredients you need to and shouldn’t devour, and consequently I get a bit confused. So, I hold to pay attention to diverse “specialists” to try and decide what now not to consume and what to consume.
But beyond that, it has usually been very hard for me to manipulate my eating behavior. I might also do excellent with it for some time, and then I always appear to slip again into ingesting the wrong meals over again.
Now, you might think that if I am in any degree of ascension I couldn’t probable be coping with such troubles as I could just recognize what to eat and now not to eat and could have enough willpower to do it. But that is not the case. Why? Because an ascended man or woman still living amidst the matrix and interacting with its matrix people is very at risk of exceptional sorts of stresses that can be pretty severe. Just the intense pressure level of residing in a international and city that does not suppose in any respect or behave like you do is enough to ship you over the brink, except you already know how to stay sane no matter this. Just the pressure of having to work and behave in sure ways and companion with sure kinds of human beings which you now not without a doubt connect to is pressure enough. You sense you can't be your real self. You cannot inform them what you think and experience and trust in. You should paintings to make a residing. You must paintings inside the matrix. That’s pressure sufficient to make you want to are trying to find some form of transient alleviation in a chocolate bar. Uggh.
When you're dealing with all of this stress, you tend to not sense so satisfied, you sense nerve-racking, you've got positive physical signs, and you might sense instead oppressed or trapped. This can reason you to need brief fixes for this stress, despite the fact that only some minutes comfort from the strain that say, a candy bar may give you. You understand what no longer to devour, but you need comfort from strain so badly which you convince yourself to give in to that meals temptation. (By the way, I do NOT devour candy bars anymore, ever, you’ll be glad to know.)
You think doing this as soon as or every so often received’t harm you that lots; however, giving in as soon as reasons you to give in time and again and quite soon, whenever you sense too pressured and need a short restoration, there you are consuming that identical candy bar again, and this pulls you down healthwise and emotionally, ultimately, and keeps you from being capable of depart the matrix of food choices.
You may additionally recognize what you have to eat and now not consume, you may know all the properly reasons for this, you may know the results throughout the board of positive food selections, but you could nevertheless be eating the incorrect foods. Why? Because there may be so little consolation, peace, joy and amusing to your life and a lot excessive stress which you are giving in to the temptation to get a little transient relief from the strain through positive sorts of meals.
The temptation can be overwhelming. You might not have inclinations to emerge as an alcoholic or a drug addict or a sex addict, however being a meals addict, yes, you try this, and it looks like all people everywhere is now a meals addict and ingesting incorrect foods! Those eating proper are in such a small percent of the population at this point which you have very few humans loving and helping you via these meals dependancy temptations.
You are too privy to all of this. You understand the causes, the reasons, and what you need to be doing with food to your ascension, your attention and your frame. But you continue to conflict with it.
If you get to some extent in which you realize all you need to recognize and are strong in it and appearing upon it, while you are at a certain light degree of ascension, then you will be leaving behind you a lot factors of the matrix and creating a new life-style for yourself. All of the reaons why you felt pressured to consume those terrible foods will vanish. The reasons not exist. The stresses now not exist. You are doing the type of work you adore, you have an income degree to cover the whole lot you want and have dreamed approximately, you have got buddies to your degree of ascension, you have got amusing sports, you're being innovative, you are continuously in divine grace and divine steerage, you are with your soul mate, you have got smooth access and finances for the best wholesome organic ingredients, and you are doing matters to help others and the arena to ascend. In that new state of affairs of ascension and lifestyle, your desirable eating conduct turns into smooth with the intention to keep.
But what in case you are nonetheless in the matrix….How do you withstand those sturdy temptations to devour wrong ingredients and harm your health and your light degree?
Having the whole body of knowledge that’s reality about what to devour and what no longer to devour, and the clinical and recognition reasons why, helps a first rate deal. You will know whilst you get to that factor of having all of the expertise and attention that you want to create healthy eating conduct. If you are not but consuming absolutely healthful ingredients, then you definately do no longer yet have all of the know-how you want on the way to make the ones more healthy food alternatives. It may just be one meals which you are hooked on that’s bad, however you suspect that it is healthful, and so that you retain with it. That one unhealthy food desire can be preserving you inside the poor food matrix and it continues you dwelling in that matrix society that you have to a massive percent ascended beyond. Just as you might have one little false perception that connects you with the matrix and keeps you from the ascended lifestyle that you want to stay.
It’s all or nothing.
One problem can be that you aren't making enough earnings that allows you to devour healthful. Organics and fitness ingredients value nearly twice as plenty as grocery keep meals. Foods from the grocery save may final you all month, whereas the organic versions of these identical meals on the health food keep can also simplest last you half the month. And perhaps because the financial system has long gone down, so has your income degree or your shopping power inside an inflated economic system. Or maybe you lost your process and are functioning on unemployment insurance, welfare and/or food stamps. So what are you presupposed to do, no longer eat the second 1/2 of the month so that you can consume healthful for the first half of the month?
It can also appear that the best answer to that one is that you have to increase your profits and your prosperity waft. But in case you have been satisfied in life, doing what you love, being with who you adore, and functioning outdoor of matrix society, residing near nature…then you definately wouldn’t be having prosperity go with the flow issues at all. Poverty flows to disappointment, it comes from a feeling of something missing for your lifestyles. Are you lacking enough pals, or friends for your degree? Are you lacking the life-style you really need to live? Are you lonely? Bored? Unable to be who you without a doubt are with the intention to match in and to survive? This looks like lack to you, it makes you unhappy, and so your prosperity isn’t flowing because you experience missing to your lifestyles. Do you lack love to your lifestyles? Are you not living where you need to live, doing what you need to be doing? That’s a sense of lack, after which poverty flows to that feeling of lack. It isn’t which you don’t recognise loads of fact, it isn’t which you aren’t ascended.
But in case you are dwelling within the matrix society, then you have to work within the matrix, and to work within the matrix, you need to have some fake ideals in any other case be pretending to have the matrix fake ideals on the way to live on and get paintings and work in the matrix. But why are you working within the matrix at all?
If it’s most effective a count of desiring extra money or residing on a farm so one can consume proper, then all that’s required of you is to up your country of consciousness to wherein you may depart the matrix work force and pass stay somewhere doing something that isn’t matrix however that offers you with all of your wishes, such as healthy foods.
However, if you also war with meals addictions and proper food alternatives, then it isn’t only a rely of budget that’s maintaining you consuming incorrect meals.
So, you should first heal your food addictions and behaviors, which requires an ability to heal stress and feelings of lack, which requires you to area your self to devour right no matter what goes on on your life and no matter what your price range appear like.
But if you don’t have sufficient money to buy higher foods, then what do you do? Let’s say you have $20 for the week for food one week. Let’s say that if you go out to the grocery shop you could get sufficient meals on that $20 for a week’s really worth of reasonably-priced dinners through buying meals which might be cheap but no longer healthful. Do you do that because you have no other desire? What if you went to the health meals shop and bought massive bunches of bananas, a bag of organic potatoes, and a bag of natural apples, and it brought up to $20. You would possibly think that isn’t enough quantity of meals for dinners for the complete week. But wouldn’t or not it's higher to have a banana, an apple and a potato for dinner every night time, instead of spaghetti, ramen soup, hamburgers and hot puppies all week? Both selections are the same rate, but the more healthy choice isn’t how you had been trained to reflect onconsideration on what to eat for dinner and what dinner need to consist of. But the selection is, either devour loads much less for dinner for one week but consume wholesome; or consume a typical amount of food for dinner this week and consume unhealthy meals because your budget is simply too tight to buy the healthier meals. Which desire makes greater feel to you?
Put junk in, you get junk out. Put healthy meals in, you get wholesome out of it. Put the incorrect gas in your car and your automobile breaks down or doesn’t run efficaciously.
Maybe ingesting much less but healthier food for dinner that week makes you experience hungry more regularly, and you can not stand that feeling of unsatisfied hunger. Maybe you need to take a look at why that feeling of hunger upsets you to the factor wherein you will run out to the grocery shop and purchase a massive bag of chips just to overcome - that hunger, knowing full well that the ones chips are each not for your wholesome diet regime and also no longer inside your modern-day food price range. In that case, you ought to find out why that feeling of starvation so upsets you and causes you to devour bad ingredients to stop it, causing you to interrupt your food price range.
There are answers to it, even if your food price range may be very tight, even if you are on meals stamps. You can still pick out to consume healthy, natural meals from the health food store and be able to stick with a totally constrained tight food budget. Ask God to expose you a way to do this. I am running on this myself proper now, however I realize that God will display me a way to do it.
There is a part of you that also wants to eat unhealthy consolation meals, and so you may be using the excuse of not having enough cash to shop for healthful ingredients. But the greater frequently you eat wholesome foods, then the much less often you will be physically and emotionally craving the awful foods.
Wheat allergies and addictions are very common, and so to conquer this, you need to either deliver it up absolutely, or cross the fitness food save and purchase gluten-unfastened breads, tortillas, and so on. I recently discovered very tasty, spinach gluten-loose tortillas, which I like to consume with salads. They fall apart rather effortlessly, and so I just reduce them up and mix them into the salad. The gluten-loose breads that they had didn’t appearance very clean, although, and so I haven’t in reality but found a first rate bread alternative. The gluten reasons a meals dependancy and weight gain and sick health. I’m getting that and letting cross of whatever with gluten in it and I’m now not ingesting breads at all right now and I wish I don’t pass returned to bread until it’s gluten-loose. I am also trying to shed pounds, as I had regained a number of the weight I had lost when I slipped again into incorrect consuming yet again.
Stress is the underlying motive of all consuming addictions and disordcrs, with lack of information of right foods to consume being the second biggest trouble. Low prosperity flow is part of it, too, but you may locate methods round that difficulty if you have healed the opposite issues inflicting you to consume wrong meals.
So, it’s both a matter of getting sufficient money thru nonmatrix way of life and profits, plus healing pressure and having the information and divine guidance as to the way to consume right.
Eating conduct are my personal largest issue and problem. I can advance and develop and grasp in every other vicinity of lifestyles and belief, but this one is actually tough for me. So, those insights I am sharing with you proper now are insights I myself am getting and needing. And so in case you need to hope for me, pray that I can succeed with eating right.
I recently watched another PBS unique on accurate consuming behavior and fitness, and it truly woke me up, over again, and I even have changed my ingesting behavior significantly over the last week because of it. They want $250 to shop for that bundle of understanding and assist, which I cannot afford; however something tells me I can do it while not having to shop for that package. Over the years I even have familiarized myself with three such top health and consuming applications, however this one bundle seemed to be the quality for me and woke me up the maximum simply lately. It’s via the writer of the e-book, “The Blood Sugar Solution,” a e-book that’s a bestseller presently. Some others who've helped me are Dr. Fuhrman’s package on PBS, and the NutriBlast machine marketed once in a while on TV. All three are tremendous, however it was what this one said that grew to become me around the maximum, as it defined my body and situation as if it had been speakme only to me, in my opinion. It had all of it….Uh, nicely, nearly…besides that he isn’t a vegetarian or vegan, and so I just paintings around that a part of it. The other two specialists I mentioned are vegetarians, and so I just sort of combine the 3 systems.
Perhaps if I have been totally out of the matrix residing like I really need to be residing, with the humans I need to be with, then I may not have terrible meals cravings and goals and I is probably simply buying the whole thing healthy at the fitness food keep and/or growing my own meals. But I assume part of the lesson might be to be able to triumph over food addictions and temptations despite your life challenges and environment. It takes a specific sort of internal strength and backbone, along side proper expertise about meals selections, and anti-pressure methods, to be able to triumph over meals temptations at the same time as residing in a matrix society. I agree with that it could be accomplished. If I believed it could not be done, then I may already be residing elsewhere out of the matrix and eating right due to the fact I’m living right within a higher stage of lighted social norms. To do some thing underneath easier conditions is straightforward; however to do some thing beneath hard situations is a lot harder.
I used to have a chum who had frolicked living out in nature and at instances with high-light quotient shamans; and whilst in the ones situations, he felt perfectly at peace. But every time he’d come returned into the metropolis, even though it become a smaller, greater excessive mild quotient metropolis, his focus could end up decreased and his peace would just vanish.
He said he felt he need to broaden that capability to have peace irrespective of wherein he become residing, inner or out of doors of the matrix. That’s more effective and takes a totally excessive cognizance which will master it. But the friction of handling matrix society and social systems is a catalyst for our persisted boom, isn’t it? Doesn’t friction create the pearl?
And here’s any other though to ponder, alongside the ones lines….If you're in grade faculty, you have become grade college degree teachings; in case you are in high faculty, the research are a chunk more tough and deeper; and in junior college, the classes turn out to be even greater tough; and in universities, studies are even harder; and on master’s degree research, the workload drastically will increase and the textbooks are an awful lot extra difficult to master.
Well, it’s the identical with existence and its instructions and challenges. Challenges and friction are what makes us develop to better stages of light. If you are in ascension, your demanding situations may additionally come to be more intense and more hard as you pass up through ascension tiers because at your stage of light you need more and more darkness to cope with to your existence so that it will hold ascending. Without demanding situations and dark forces to cope with, we might just experience satisfactory and satisfied and healthful and live at our contemporary mild stages. It’s the friction that creates the pearl.
But as you develop to higher degrees, the friction may also emerge as extra severe and greater difficult. For example, my living in a city proper now that has frequently no awareness of accurate consuming conduct, and my operating at an area in which human beings eat whatever they sense like and haven't any attention about correct eating conduct..Properly, that’s tougher for me than if I changed into surrounded through health meals human beings being a good example for me. At paintings, human beings are constantly imparting me cake, cookies, and other kinds of bad ingredients. It’s like, in case you want to triumph over temptation to awful meals, you don’t go to a place wherein absolutely everyone eats terrible foods, you go to a place in which absolutely everyone eats healthy meals and that allows you. On the opposite hand, in order to eat healthful foods even whilst you are surrounded by means of anyone who isn’t consuming healthful and even below excessive stress conditions residing in a society you not agree with in and being by myself because you may’t discover every body who thinks and behaves as you do, nicely, that’s an accomplishment and it calls for a better light quotient to perform. You are going through instructions suitable in your degree of focus and examine and increase. You are no longer in grade college or maybe college, you are in master’s level education, and because of it, the friction and darkness coming at you is more extreme because your light stage is so excessive that decrease demanding situations wouldn’t section you anymore. Do you notice what I mean? In case you have any inquiries with regards to in which in addition to tips on how to make use of BBQ Tips - , you are able to e mail us in our own web-page. The friction continues on till you don't have any extra illusions and no more connection to the matrix, after which you could go away the matrix and stay in a lighted society on your stage and you all keep ascending to better and higher stages as a set, living naturally consistent with your country of lighted awareness.
But there may be a paradox within this. On the one hand, the higher degree of light you've got, the much less demanding situations in life you will enjoy because your outer world suits your inner international of light. On the other hand, as you move up in mild quotient, in case you nevertheless have something to examine and develop on by means of being in the matrix society, then you'll want a few kind of lifestyles project or friction to cope with to get you to see something and recognize something you aren’t yet seeing and information, and so challenges will show up and you'll must address them. But the mild you already have will help you get via those increase stories tons extra without difficulty than in your past while you had been on a far lower light degree, and God constantly enables, as properly.
I will hold you recent on any insights and changes I myself revel in in this direction to ingesting best healthful meals. Hopefully, I’ve already healed it; however if no longer, I am certain I will heal it inside myself sooner or later and that I could have extra to proportion with you about this situation.