Need a macro code that automatically send email reminder before 30 days of expiry date

Hi Team,

Please i need a macro code for the following scenario.Attached a sample excel for your reference.

* My excel sheet contains 16 fields, Expiration Date field tells the expiration of the particular software date. So i need a macro code that will send me a reminder mail before 30 days of expiration date for the particular software. The expiry date should compare with today's date.For a particular software if the expiry is more than 30 days of today's date it should automatically send a reminder mail stating " Your XXXX (Software name) is going to expire in another 30 days"

Please help me !!!

sample worksheet.xlsx43.83 KB
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this is quite involved and

this is quite involved and raises a few questions..

main issues:
- are you going to keep the sheet open all the time ?
- how to deal with changes in dates
- what mail program to send mails from
- who to send to
- how to maintain the "to" list
- daily mail of all expiring within 30 days, or 1 notification

happy to provide a quote: