Merge 2 files and delete duplicate

Hello Guys,

I have 2 files both have data actually I am getting file everyday,
We will call Yesterday file (File1.xlsx) and Today's file (File2.xlsx), both have some fields like prodcutId, Price Quantity and more

We have 2 fields are important here... 1) ProductId and 2)Quantity

Macro done be for like : Open both file and copy data from File1 (Yesterday's)file and paste into File2 (Today's File)

Condition is that If you found prodcutId Duplicate then Remove whole raw and rest all data's Quantity must be '0' (don't forget - Quantity Must be 0 from Yesterday File, not from Todays file)

Rest all data would be there and New data (todays file data) would be under of the Old data

Pls find 3 files here
1) File1
2) File2
3) Output

Check Output and also see both File
Thnking you

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File2.xlsx8.34 KB
Output.xlsx8.43 KB