Macro that allows Excel Field Data to create new Word Docs

Hi All

I'm sure this is a basic Excel/VBA questions, but I need some help with our reporting system.

I have our students' test results in an Excel workbook. Our client requires a Word report for each student individually.

What I'm trying to achieve is to have a click event Macro on each worksheet that, when run, will create Word docs, from a template, for each student, and save them to a specific file; but the report is to only include data from specific cells.

The macro must also be able to find duplicate documents and give the options to create new or overwrite existing files.

Usually I would create something with MS Access, but alas our admin staff has no idea about Access and training them would be too long a process.

Any advice will be most welcome.


Hi again all

Just an update on the specifics of what I was asking for in the article.

So here, point by point of what I would like the Macro in Excel to do:

1. Create a new Word doc from a template.
2. Save the doc to a specific folder using a specific cell value as the doc name, i.e. name or student number.
3. Insert only specific cell values into a table in the template.
4. Before saving though, the macro must search for duplicate docs, and give the option to Ignore,
Overwrite or CreateNew.