How to make the color the same on different graphs for data from the same row

I have 6 different rows that represent 6 different projects.

I have 3 different graphs 'Alignment to Strategy', 'Speed to Market vs. Risk' and 'Innovation'. I'm using 3D bubble graphs to represent the data values from the said project rows vs. different x units. What I would like is to have the different projects represented on the graphs as the same color.

Speed to Market Graph

Cell A2 is Project FTB (Project Name)
Cell B2 is a value of 12813 (Speed to Market vs. Risk)
Cell C2 is a value of 4.7 (Alignment to Strategy)
Cell D2 is a value of 20.0 (Innovation)

Each of the above values be represented in the respective graph. I was wondering is there a method to cause all project FTB bubbles (in the 3 different graphs) to be red for example.

My requirement is to make this user friendly, so no macro or VBA coding. This needs to be able to be altered by a user with out an abundance of excel experience.