How to extarct number of digit in date?

Hello Colleagues,
I have a graphic where there is this
=SERIES('DIA-6'!$B$3;;'DIA-6'!$DT$2:$DT$24;11), the column $B$3 has
25/10/2011 1:00:00, I need that the series only show 25/10/2011
Thank you for advanced.

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Try this

Hi Dear,,

follow the below mentioned steps.

1. Make chart
2. select the axis then right click
3. select format Axis >>>> Number >>>> custom
4. Give format "dd/mm/yyyy" then click on add.
5 close.

Hope these steps will help you.


Not relevant

Please read carefully the question again. Customer asked for changing the LEGEND format not the Axis format


All you need to do is go to the B3 cells on each sheet and format that cell as "dd/mm/yyyy"

Hello,I can not change the

I can not change the cell B3, is there any way of saying in the series that take part of the characters in cell B3?

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Hi again

In that case you won't be able to change the legend format from within the chart. You can change the legend's font, font size, font color, etc but not the format