Help making query or macros

 Hi, I have two tables like this:


Client Restriction1 Restriction2 Restriction3
Client1 Rice sugar Potatos
Client2 pasta fish  


Food Ingredient1 Ingredient2 Ingredient3
Food1 Rice Potatos  
Food2 Pasta sugar  
Food3 Fish    



This is for a home for elderly people.

The objective is for instance if Client1 restriction match any ingredient of food1 he cant eat that food.

I want to know for every client every food and then if is possible to make a table that says to me for instance food1 10 people can eat it, 12 dont. Or at least the name of the people who can and cant eat it.

I am using office 2011 on mac, but I halso have office 2013 on windows.


Thanks for the help!