17. Excel Tips - Date formatting - Show the day of the week

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Today's tip is a quick one as I am feeling lazy, but it's a useful one none the less.

- By formatting dates in a certain way, you can display the day of the week, and not using much space.

Select A1, and press CTRL + ;
(this gives you today's date)

Right click => format cells => custom
type: ddd dd-mmm-yy

For today, you get:
Sat 27-Dec-08

- this is my favourite date format for the following reasons:
1. the "08" is all you need in this century
2. Sat = day of week
3. 27-Dec => it's completely unambiguous and much better than infuriating American date format of: 12/27/2008 (mm/dd/yyyy), as you will find out when it's the 2nd Jan (01/02/2009)... or is it the 1st of Feb ?!
[End of rant]

; - P

Video training on Date formatting: