Adding New Worksheets AFTER

The Excel Manual states that new worksheets are added AFTER the first. My macro is adding them BEFORE!! What am I doing wrong!!
Sub CreateNewWorksheet()
    Dim strX
    Dim oSheet As Worksheet
    Dim strName
    strName = Worksheets("Members").Range("B2") & " " & _       Worksheets("Members").Range("A2")
    strX = (Right(ActiveCell.Value, 6))
    Set oSheet = Worksheets.Add
    With oSheet
         .Name = strName
     End With
    End Sub
This is my first foray into macros. So apologies in advance. Roger

When you add, you can specify

When you add, you can specify which sheet you want to add it after. Add(Before, After, Count, Type) This adds after:
Set oSheet = Worksheets.Add(, Worksheets("Members"))